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Do you play pickleball or any other racket sport?

Are you concerned about potential injuries or preparing for a competition?

Our Doctors at Lake Effect Chiropractic will guide you through warm-up exercises explicitly designed for pickleball and offer advice on addressing shoulder pain. Whether you're looking to stay injury-free or recover from an injury, Lake Effect has got you covered.

Warm-Up Exercises for Pickleball

Dr. Brit understands the importance of a proper warm-up routine before engaging in any physical activity. She recommends a series of warm-up exercises tailored to pickleball players. These exercises include mid-back rotations, band warm-up, hitchhiker exercise, monster walk, and the marching exercise. These exercises will help you prepare your body, enhance your range of motion, and minimize the risk of injuries. Be sure to check out the accompanying video for visual demonstrations.

Addressing Shoulder Pain in Pickleball

Shoulder pain is a common complaint among pickleball players. Dr. Ashley provides a comprehensive assessment to identify the root causes of the pain. She evaluates the shoulder range of motion and checks for any restrictions, weakness, or stability issues. Based on the assessment results, Dr. Ashley recommends appropriate treatment options.


Muscle Work and Adjustments for Shoulder Pain

If a decreased range of motion is identified, Dr. Ashley incorporates cupping to increase the range of motion and promote healing. Active release techniques are employed to address end-range pain caused by stability issues. Dr. Ashley emphasizes muscle work and joint adjustments to restore mobility and accelerate healing. Techniques like laser therapy and rehabilitation exercises are also used to facilitate the healing process. The video below, starts at the treatment part of addressing shoulder pain.

Shoulder Stability Exercises for Injury Prevention

Here is our favorite shoulder stability exercise using a kettlebell to improve shoulder function and stability. This exercise targets the rotator cuff muscles, promoting stability and preventing injuries. Dr. Ashley explains the exercise in detail, providing step-by-step instructions and emphasizing proper form. She encourages gradual progression and shares additional exercises to enhance shoulder stability.

Tips for Preventing Shoulder Pain in Pickleball

Dr. Brit concludes the blog by offering valuable tips for preventing shoulder pain while playing pickleball. She stresses the importance of a proper warm-up routine, gradually increasing game intensity, and focusing on shoulder stability. Dr. Brit recommends starting with lighter play and progressively building up the number of games over time to avoid overexertion and potential injuries.

Whether you're a pickleball enthusiast or preparing for a competition, it's crucial to prioritize injury prevention and shoulder health. These shared valuable insights, warm-up exercises, and treatment options are to help keep you injury-free and enhance your performance on the court. 


By following these recommendations, you can enjoy the energizing and beneficial aspects of playing pickleball while minimizing the risk of shoulder pain and injuries. Stay proactive, stay fit, and keep enjoying the game you love!

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