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How old is your oldest living relative? People are living longer, but the question is, are you going to make sure that you feel good for all of those years? Today we're going to go over our 5 tips to help you live better and longer.

Tip #1: If you don't use it, you lose it. 

As we age, our movements become more repetitive and limited in range. Think about how you moved when you were 7 years old compared to 15 years old. It's important to regularly work on your mobility and flexibility. Find all the ranges of motion you want to maintain and make sure to keep moving.

Tip #2: A burpee a day will keep the retirement home away. 

What's a burpee? It's a full-body movement that takes you from the ground back to standing. Working on fall prevention is crucial, but even if you do fall, having the knowledge and ability to get up off the floor is empowering. You have to be willing to work at it. Life can be hard, but you get to choose which is hard.

Tip #3: As you lift more, you can watch yourself age less. 

Weight-bearing activities like carrying plants to the garden (a.k.a. deadlifts) and any form of loaded carriers will help to keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. Whether it's daily walks or lifting weights, incorporating these activities can slow down the aging process.

Tip #4: Track your daily steps and aim for 5,000. 

Research shows that the more you walk, the more resilient you become against illness and death. While reaching 10,000 steps is great, hitting the 5,000 milestones provides the most significant benefits. Start by adding a few five or ten-minute walks a day. Remember, even chores and a long loop through the grocery store contribute to your step count. What's one way you can start increasing your steps today?!

Tip #5: Adventure has no age limit. 

Life is a journey filled with different joys and obstacles at every stage, but it's always an adventure. Our bodies are meant to move, whether it's keeping up with grandkids or enjoying hobbies like skiing, biking, golf, or even the popular trend of pickleball. Picture yourself at 75 years old—what adventure do you see yourself on? Work backward from that vision and identify what you need to do now, and along the way to make it a reality. Adventure has no age limit, so the choices you make today will shape your adventures tomorrow. 

These are our five greatest tips to help you start living longer and healthier today.


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