Unlocking Wellness: A Conversation with Sarah Fechter, Functional Health Coach and Gym Owner

Health is not just about movement and nutrition and lifestyle it's what are we listening to, what are we talking about, what we are viewing with our eyes and your brain takes all of that in.  Today's "ultra modern world", we are overstimulated and that's driving a lot of sociciety's symptoms. We have seen a massive change in healthcare over the past 10 years, we've seen an increase number of people being diagnosed with diabetes heart disease but we have the opportunity to change this.

In today's fast-paced world, wellness isn't just about diet and exercise—it's about holistic well-being. Dr. Brittany, from Lake Effect Chiropractic, discusses with Sarah Fechter, a functional health coach, and delves into the intricacies of functional health coaching, common struggles faced by clients, and practical tips for achieving optimal health. Here's a breakdown of their insightful conversation: (see the full video at the bottom of this blog)

Understanding Functional Health Coaching

Sarah explains that functional health coaching encompasses movement, nutrition, and lifestyle, focusing on the integration of all systems in the body. Unlike traditional approaches that may isolate one aspect, functional health coaching takes a comprehensive view of well-being, addressing the root causes of health issues. 

"What we're looking at specifically within the SF coaching method is movement. We're looking at  movement outside of deliberate exercise... we're looking at training, we're looking at cardio, we're looking at lifestyle which contributes to 90% of the (most common) diseases society is struggling with. We're looking at your well being as a whole and so it kind of encompasses the entire well-being of a person rather than just focusing on something like training which would be personal training. Or even focusing on diet and nutrition which would be just nutrition.  So we're looking at everything from the whole body integration and how all systems work together." -S.F.

Identifying the Ideal Client & Their Common Struggles 

The ideal client for Sarah is someone seeking preventative health measures, aiming to align their health span with their lifespan. As individuals age, they face different challenges, from body composition concerns in their 20s to hormonal imbalances and chronic conditions later in life.

"Our ideal client here today and who aligns with us are people who are looking for preventative health alignment in health span lifespan and understanding how to prevent the lifestyle diseases and live long time and have a good quality of life."-S.F

Clients can range from their:

  • 20's and early 30's: people trying to improve body composition
  • Lake 30's - early 40's: people seeing the consequences of a lot of their decisions come out. Things like autoimmune issues, IBS, digestion struggles, endometriosis and inflammatory lifestyle driven diseases.
  • 40+: we're fighting pre-menopause, decline of hormones, which can really start looking like depression anxiety.

"We can intervene with movement, lifestyle, and nutrition ntion and fix and reverse a lot of what's going on. But I think a better understanding of it all is what is most necessary" -S.F.

From autoimmune issues to hormonal imbalances, Sarah highlights the diverse struggles clients face at different stages of life. These challenges often stem from lifestyle choices made earlier on, emphasizing the importance of proactive health management.

Starting the Health Journey

Rather than focusing on adding new habits, Sarah advises starting with subtraction. By eliminating stressors, adopting mindfulness practices, and incorporating small, manageable changes, individuals can lay the foundation for long-term health.

"I always guide my clients, what can we subtract?... I mean what are we as a society is that we're overcommitted. We're running in the Matrix, we're not present, we have anxiety because we're living in the future, we are we have trauma and we're living in the past. So to bring yourself to the present time and 'say let's take a look at my schedule, let's take a look at my life what can I subtract to improve my life'. That's what you're dealing with when subtracting from your plate, rather than always adding." -S.F

Navigating Nutrition Misconceptions

Sarah dispels myths surrounding nutrition, emphasizing the importance of whole foods and adequate protein intake. With misinformation rampant, she advocates for simplicity and education in making dietary choices.

"When it comes to nutrition we over complicate it. If we look at fruits and vegetables and if we look at increasing protein, this is going to be what really offsets a lot of deficiencies and a lot of symptoms that people are dealing with."-S.F

Prioritizing Fat Loss over Weight Loss

Shifting the focus from weight loss to fat loss, Sarah emphasizes the role of strength training in promoting metabolic health and body composition improvements. She encourages clients to prioritize strength training for long-term wellness.

"I think people get weight loss and fat loss confused. They're so obsessed and we've been conditioned to see the number on the scale go down. Well yes that's weight loss but what would that include? That would include some lean mass, potentially muscle, water, inflammation and not that all those are negatives but it's very different than fat loss" -S.F

Embracing a Lifelong Approach to Health

Sarah underscores the importance of viewing health as a lifelong journey without a final destination. By cultivating sustainable habits and prioritizing holistic well-being, individuals can enhance their health span and quality of life.

"Transformations I share with my clients: they take 8 months, one year, two years to really get and nail down. Not only earning the transformation, but keeping it, owning those new habit patterns."- S.F

Upcoming Initiatives in Functional Training

Looking ahead, Sarah discusses upcoming educational initiatives, including a women's health education course. By empowering individuals with knowledge about their bodies and health, she aims to foster proactive health management and prevent future health issues.

"...Think 'okay how can I take ownership over my own life, my own habits, and how am I responsible for preventative healthare?' I think that's the first step."-S.F

 In conclusion, Sarah and Dr. Britney encourage listeners to take charge of their health journey, emphasizing the importance of education, consistency, and a holistic approach to wellness. For those seeking guidance on their health habits, Sarah offers personalized coaching and resources to support their goals. Connect with Sarah on Instagram (@sarahfechter.ifbbpro) for valuable insights and reach out to Lake Effect Chiropractic for any muscular or skeletal complaints. Remember, the journey to wellness begins with a single step—take yours today!

" I would say if you can do it on your worst day, that's probably a habit that's going to stick."-S.F.


If you or someone you know is looking to learn more find Sarah's Podcast:  Where Women Win with Sarah Fechter

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