This blog will cover sleeping positions and how to be supported best along with how to find the best pillow for you!

Sleeping postures doesn't really even matter. Unsurprisingly, most people tend to actually sleep in the position of what their preference is. Sleeping positions are the hardest thing to change, and for most people, there's actually not one best sleeping position. Although we all may have a few preferred physicians, we move two to five times per hour, 33 times per night, all while hitting a different seven to eight sleeping positions because there's technically hundreds of options for us to choose from.

This is huge. There is absolutely no correlation between side stomach or back sleeping with increased risk of. Sleeping postures only matter, and it's completely based on comfort.

If a pillow between your legs or under your knees can help reduce your back pain enough to let you sleep, then by all means keep doing it.

And if you just had such something like a rotator cuff surgery, it may be advisable for you to not sleep on that shoulder for a while. Otherwise, just figure out what actually works best for you.

So, here we go.

Stomach Sleeper

If you're a stomach sleep, The most supportive position is to use a pillow under one of your hips, and it'll help support and simulate being total face down.

Adding another pillow to hug can help elevate your shoulder and chest all while giving your face space to be able to breathe without having to turn your neck a completely 90 degrees right or left.

Side Sleeper

Next. If you're a side sleeper, the most supportive physician is to put a pillow actually between your legs.  It'll help elevate them to hip level and decrease the tension through the hip muscles.

Back Sleeper

Last one. If you're back sleeper, the most supportive position is to put a pillow underneath your knees. This can actually help support the low back and take tension off the joints and the muscles of the lower back.

Now think about it... is one bad nights sleep automatically gonna send you into a downward spiral? No, of course not. So we just wanted to highlight the importance of prioritizing sleep as it relates to rehab in your over overall health sleep.

The biggest thing is sleep needs to be a priority.

So find whatever position makes you comfortable and make sure you're catching the most ZzZzZz's possible.

Pillow Talk

One of the most common questions we get from patients that suffer from neck pain is “what kind of pillow do we recommend?”

Comfort is Key

First, comfort is always the priority and of course we want you to keep the most neutral spine if possible. At the end of the day though, comfort trumps everything because if you are not comfortable and getting enough sleep or quality sleep then we are not helping ourselves.

Less is More

The next piece of advice is to avoid multiple pillows or excessively thick pillows. Select a pillow that will hold the head in a more neutral position to keep your spine happy. One pillow we suggest is called “adjustably yours” by creative comfort. 

The best part is that it comes with a couple different levels of customization so that you can select the level that benefits you the most and keeps your spine in a neutral position. 

Just remember comfort trumps everything and sleep is so important.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us! We carry this pillow in the office for your convience! 




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