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Lake Effect Chiropractic is honored to provide elite chiropractic care with advanced techniques and services to Bay City, Essexville, Hamden, Portsmouth, Kawkawlin, University Center, and the surrounding areas.

Too many people are held back because of their nagging pain and injuries.

People are frustrated and hopeless as they struggle to live with daily pain. The team at Lake Effect Chiropractic provides excellent chiropractic care so you can get back to doing the things you love.

We know how pain can affect every aspect of your life, making physical activity difficult, work and family life challenging, and adding to emotional and mental stress. Together, we can put an end to it. 

Our chiropractic team is ready to determine the source of your discomfort. We understand how the musculoskeletal system should function; we’ll use safe, natural solutions to remedy the cause of your condition and educate you on how to stay healthy and balanced. 

Conditions We Treat

Physical activity is essential to our health in both body and mind. So, when we’re in pain, our body needs attention as soon as possible. Chiropractic treatments are able to help the body find comfort, function, and flexibility through trusted holistic and organic methods.

Our services promote the natural healing of soft tissues, joints, and bones throughout the body. From migraines to spine injury to plantar fasciitis, our Bay City chiropractic clinic is here to get you fully functioning and living life to the fullest. 

We work with several injuries and symptoms, including: 


Don’t let discomfort take away another second of your life; our doctors are dedicated to your successful treatment. Being athletic ourselves, we know the more downtime you have, the harder it is to recover. We’re determined to help you reach your goals starting today. Whether your goals are to compete at an elite level, participate in a local 5K race, or just get to your mailbox without struggling, we are here to help you!

Contact us to learn more about the conditions we treat; we’re confident we can benefit you. 

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Our Chiropractic Solutions

Our chiropractic services and techniques are designed with the safety of your body in mind. We’ve seen firsthand how chiropractic care will non-invasively, effectively, and efficiently support a healthy, fully optimized body. 

Keeping you away from pain medication and surgery is ideal; these both can add time to your recovery and generate further injury. Empowering the body and nurturing its strength to help you heal is a responsible way to promote temperate yet successful rejuvenation.

Some of our chiropractic solutions and services include:


Whether your goals are to find pain relief, foster a healthier lifestyle, get more active, or find balance, we’d love the opportunity to guide, educate, and treat you. Your success is our success, and we never take that for granted. 

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The Benefits Of Lake Effect Chiropractic


Find the root of the issue.

We'll get to the bottom of the pain that is troubling you.

A clear, objective plan to move forward.

A goal-oriented effort to help you feel better.

Getting back to the joys of daily life.

A return to doing what you love, free of pain.

We know what it feels like to be held back because of an injury.

Our doctors offer individualized and specialized care for each patient using a specific arrangement of chiropractic care and soft tissue techniques.

We look at the whole body’s mechanical health and treat the person, not just the condition.

We pride ourselves in getting you out of pain quickly and keeping you out of pain longer so you can live the life you love.

"Ashley & Brittany are fabulous!

I always feel better and more informed after a visit with them. They listen to your concerns and do the best they can to get you moving and feeling better. I take all their stretching recommendations to heart and have felt the difference in my everyday life! Two thumbs up!"

- Heather // Kawkawlin, MI

"Ashley has been nothing but amazing in helping me feel like a person again.

I love how they don’t just fix you and be done, Ashley takes the time to teach you ways to help improve the problems. Amazing office and beyond amazing people. Love them!"

- Becky // Essexville, MI 

“It’s kind of amusing watching your videos about pain going away with exercise & movement…

....So that previous chiropractor diagnosed my low back issues and told me not do do any heavy squats/ deadlifts etc.... I missed that kind of work so much, i finally said "whatever" and progressively started lifting those lifts again... guess what went away? ALL THAT PAIN! Haven't see you in awhile but I wish you all the best and keep those patients moving!"

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We have courses to help guide you through any form of injury.

We have three online courses made to help you recover from your injuries at home. Whether you are a desk worker, a triathlete, or struggling with back pain, we have resources to help!

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Chiropractic is reliable, safe, and effective. Utilizing comprehensive solutions that complement each other help get you out of the clinic and back into life. We’ll help you find the comfort and performance you’re looking for, and we’ll do it quickly, considering your unique needs and goals. Ready to start?

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